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book cover The Greenleaf Project

The Greenleaf project

Meaning, purpose and someone
to love. Is it really too much to ask for?
1997 Australia.
Bridget Fletcher fears life is passing her by.
When she stumbles on The Greenleaf Project,
she discovers an online world of connection and purpose
she never believed possible and dives into a contest
to transform the town.
Can Bridget win the contest and a newcomer's heart,
or will she lose everything she fought so hard to gain?

The Winter Fae

Fairies, elves, demons.
Secrets and desire.
Dark humour, magic, wonder.
Twelve stories that will transport you into other worlds.
If you had magic, what would you do with it?
If you loved someone, how far would you go?

book cover The Winter Fae Anthology
book cover The Greenleaf Project


An antidote to climate grief
A love song for the earth
A balm for the heart
In this striking collection, Cassandra Arnold
speaks simply and powerfully about the love of nature,
climate grief, and the need to process our emotions
if we are to avoid depression and stay engaged.
No matter where you are on the activist path,
you are invited to rest here for a while and emerge restored.
Illustrated with original art by the author.

Emergency Blues

Come with me to the Emergency RoomBeing a doctor is a complex business.
At its heart lies compassion
and the mystery of being human
in the midst of pain.
The place is Australia.
Everything else is universal.

book cover Emergency Blues
book cover Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders

Two weeks ago, I didn't even know that Niger was a country.
Now I am deep in its south with Doctors Without Borders, responsible for saving people's lives.
I spent over 24 months in the field as a physician
with Médecins Sans Frontières in Africa, Haiti, and Iraq.
Part journal, part photo essay, this is a story of struggle
and passion, of suffering and, above all, hope.

About ME

I was born in England, spent most of my life in Australia, and moved to Calgary, Canada in 2010.I have had a greater variety of jobs than I care to remember. Loosely from worst to best:• mobile ice cream van driver
• frozen chicken factory worker
• babysitter
• housewife
• household census taker
• leafleteer outside London Underground stations
• lunchtime waitress
• shop assistant
• screen printing entrepreneur
• community group leader
• Australian and Papua New Guinean government office clerk
• domestic violence refuge worker
• elected Newcastle City Councillor
• Australian emergency and remote area doctor
• physician with the international humanitarian organization, Doctors Without Borders
I retired from medicine in 2015 and have since been joyfully diving into writing and art.

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