My Art

I have visited or worked in over forty countries and my favourite place is still the imagination.”

‚ÄčI paint contemporary imaginative landscapes, and abstract and modern impressionist works.

I love painting with acrylic as I have absolutely no patience with waiting for things to dry. With acrylic, I can get immediate vivid colour, and gentle watercolour like effects with the same medium. Not to mention gorgeous impasto like texture and realism when I want it. 

Recently, I have been playing with digital sketching for challenges on Instagram. You can follow me there at @cassandra_art_and_stories for posts about my life, art and books, and @100imagewords for the 100 Day Project that the feed takes its name from, Inktober, and more. Just for fun!

Many of my paintings were inspired by summer trips to the Rocky Mountains, and the work of Australian artists, Brett Whiteley and Fred Williams.

I am largely self taught as a painter. I studied with Nancy-lynne Hughes when I moved to Calgary from Australia in 2010 and was juried in as an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists in 2016. I have shown with them in Calgary and Vancouver.

My work is currently available online, and in Bragg Creek at The Painted Moose Artist Collective and Durango Trail Rustic Furniture.

These could be yours

I have recently launched a dedicated website for my art:, so please visit me there if you are interested in q quote for shipping an original or buying a print of selected images from the online shop.

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Out in the world

Even though sometimes I miss them, I love knowing that so many of my creations are out there gracing people’s homes and inspiring their lives.

See the full Sold Gallery here

My art at the Vale's Greenhouse Show 2018


  • The Big Bragg Art Show, The Painted Moose Artist Collective, Bragg Creek June 1&2, 2019
  • The Fragments Reinterpreted, juried show at Loft 112, May 2019
  • Art at The Library, solo exhibition, Louise Riley Library, Calgary, November 2018
  • Small Smaller Smallest, FCA Gallery, Vancouver August 2018
  • 2018 Summer Showcase, FCA Online Gallery, Vancouver, August 2018
  • 2018 Painting on the Edge International Exhibition, FCA Online Gallery Vancouver, July 2018
  • Cultivating Art Show and Sale, Vale’s Greenhouse, Black Diamond, June 2018
  • Art-O-Rama, FCA Calgary, June 2018
  • Imagine 2018, Artist Collective Show, Calgary, February 2018
  • Art at The Library, solo exhibition, Louise Riley Library, Calgary, August 2017
  • Crossing Boundaries – Beauty of Canada, Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) and International Art Gallery joint exhibition, Vancouver, May 2017
  • 2017 Landscapes Exhibition, FCA Gallery Vancouver, April 2017
  • Artistic Entities Nexen show, Calgary, March 2017
  • All Things Spring, FCA Calgary, March 2017
  • Imagine, Artist Collective Show, Calgary, February 2017
  • 10 Squared, FCA Gallery Vancouver, December 2016
  • All Things Spring, FCA Calgary, March 2016

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