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What do books mean to you?

For me, they have always been gateways to other realms, conversations with writers who enrich my world and banish lonliness, exploration of lives I might have lead, and inspiration to do good in this utterly astonishing and beautiful world. I read to escape and come back refreshed, and to learn and educate myself and others.

I write because I want to return some of the gifts I have received, to take you to enriching places, to introduce you to characters you will love, and to inspire you to live your best life. – Cassandra Arnold

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The Greenleaf Project

Cover of The Greenleaf Project eco-romance novel

What would you do for love?

A disastrous marriage. An overbearing mother. Her dream of being an architect stolen by her twin.

It was all too much to bear, so ten years ago, Bridget Fletcher packed up her son and her broken heart and traded Sydney for the coastal paradise of White Rocks to build a life of her own.

She still thinks it’s idyllic. So what if her mother and her boss tell her she’s wasting her life, her best friend keeps luring her into blind dates, and the empty nest is hovering ahead of her like doom?

Her fragile peace of mind is shattered when she stumbles on the Greenleaf website. Its uncomfortable questions about what she really wants awaken passions she buried long ago.

Then she meets the charismatic newcomer in town, Arthur Ross – executive turned eco-crusader – and believes she has found meaning, purpose and someone to love her at last. Trouble is, Arthur has conflicting plans of his own, and who’s behind The Greenleaf Project anyway?

Will  Bridget succeed in transforming the town, or will her daring new dreams cost her more than she bargained for?

Charming, inspiring, and a little magical, The Greenleaf Project is set in Australia in 1997. If you enjoy a thought-provoking read, then you will love this romantic, eco-fiction adventure.

“This lovely story will charm you, make you think about how your choices affect the environment and most importantly, help you consider what you really want in your life! The characters are interesting and full of personality. I enjoyed every minute of this book. You will too!!” – Amazon review


Beyond Borders

cover book Borders Beyond

Beyond Borders: Reflections from the Humanitarian Frontline

“Two weeks ago, I didn’t even know that Niger was a country…  now I am deep in its south with Doctors Without Borders, responsible for saving people’s lives.”

In this story of humanitarian emergency medical work as a physician with Médecins Sans Frontières in Africa, I use spare prose and haunting images to share the heartbreak and the humor, the challenges and the celebrations of volunteer work overseas.

From February 2009 to October 2013, I spent twenty months in the field as a volunteer with Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières. In that time, I accepted 8 posts in 5 different countries: Niger, Haiti, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Iraq. This is Niger, where it all began.

Part journal, part photo essay, part poem; deeply personal and deeply confronting. If you have ever wondered what this work is really like read this book and you will know. 

Follow me now into the sands of the Sahel.

Profit from sales of this book are donated to Doctors Without Borders Canada

“What a powerful message this book sends about how people live in Africa and how Doctors Without Borders struggles to give healthcare to those in need. This book is a realistic look at the author’s experiences and how resilient people can be living in such harsh conditions. A very moving book, a quick read, and beautiful photography. Highly recommended!” – amazon review


Emergency Blues

cover image for Emergency Blues

Come and join me in the Emergency room.

These poems, written in between patients, in the dark of night, on coffee break, or catching a moment of sun, unveil the heart of being a doctor there. 

The place is Australia. Everything else is universal.

55 breaths a minute is exhausting just to watch,
and I do watch,
hovering at the end of the bed,
hoping my treatment will take effect.
hoping for something other than reality.
It is not good use of time.
..   ​

Cassandra Arnold qualified as a doctor in Australia and spent many years in hospital Emergency Departments, where humor is as necessary and as black as a strong cup of coffee. She previously worked with the humanitarian medical organization, Doctors Without Borders, and now lives in Canada with her partner David and delightful Red Wriggler worms making compost in  the basement.

“As a nurse, I appreciated the perspectives and healthcare experiences described in this beautiful book! As a poetry lover, I enjoyed the imagery of Dr. Cassandra Arnold’s eloquent writing. Worth the read!” – Amazon review

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